Black Obsidian and its Healing Properties

Black Obsidian Mirror

It’s a healing stone that protects against all evil, and helps in eradicating all unwanted emotional baggage, yes, that’s the Obsidian. It cleanses your aura of all negativity, to bring about joy and positivity into your life. 

What is Obsidian? 

The Obsidian rock is created when lava is cooled very quickly such that it could not be formed into glass. Available in a wide variety of colors, Black Obsidian is the most powerful among all. It is also known as Black Agate, Xaga, Glassy Lava, Glass Agate, and Volcanic Glass. The stone has metaphysical properties and is considered a gift of prophecy.

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Metaphysical properties of Black Obsidian

Helps in clearing clutter from the mind

 A healthy mind is a key to living a happy and hearty life. Do you sometimes feel that you are stuck at a particular point(incident) in life and you just cannot get over it? If that is the case, then Black obsidian is your friend that can guide you to remove these feelings of guilt, sadness, and depression. 

This stone brings all negativity to the surface, which can be in the form of some very painful memories. It will help you identify what exactly is weighing you down, and then slowly aid you in removing that extra burden from your mind. When placed at the third eye, this stone releases all mental blocks. Hence, it’s a great stone for emotional release!

The truthful stone 

Black Obsidian is the stone of truth which can reveal some stark facts about life. It will show you the exact reasons behind your worries and concerns and solve all the hidden mysteries of your life. If you value honesty and integrity, this stone will be your guiding star to shatter illusions and discover all the real purpose of your existence.

 Establishes a connection with the spiritual world

 This black stone has hidden energies that can help establish connections with the world beyond. You can contact your guardian angels and spirits from the other world using this stone. This stone is extremely popular with shamans and crystal gazers who are into prophecy or want to establish a communication with the spiritual realm. 

Black Obsidian FreeForm
Raw Black Obsidian

Grounding stone

Black Obsidian is a wonderful grounding stone that resonates beautifully with the base or the root chakra. The powerful vibrations provide grounding abilities by moving all excess energies down the Mother Earth chakra. When riding the wave of success and wealth, this stone will help you stay calm and grounded. It will prevent you from taking success to your head which often results in making erratic decisions.When placed at the navel, this stone releases powerful energies that help in grounding. When we are grounded to the Earth, healing becomes easier. 

Meditative prowess

A stone that connects you to your spiritual self while also providing grounding abilities, the Black Obsidian is perfect for meditation. This stone releases the feeling of anger, pain, jealousy, ego, and also facilitates self-growth. You will get in touch with your deepest emotions and feel some very intense vibes within yourself. You will be able to maintain balance and composure in life.

Protective and healing

The Obsidian is a psychic protection stone and protects you from negativity and evil. If you are concerned with any work that deals with communicating with spirits, this stone will protect you. It cleanses your aura and facilitates faster healing. You will be able to think clearly and make better decisions.Also, you will learn to be more calm and patient in the times of adversity. This stone has the capability to remove all kinds of stress, fatigue, and guilt from the body, thus healing it gradually. 

 Health issues

Black Obsidian helps in combating digestive issues and thwarts the growth of infections in the body. It also strengthens your muscles and relieves all kinds of body pains and aches. This powerful stone regulates the blood pressure, maintains good heart health, and treats gall bladder problems.Long-lasting depression, worry, and sadness can lead to chronic pain in the muscles and organs like the head or the stomach. This healing stone will cleanse all negativity and rejuvenate and freshen your mind and body. If you feel a headache starting, just gently rub the Black Obsidian stone on your temples for the positive energies to seep in, and keep breathing in deeply. These energies emitted from the Obsidian will calm your mind and soothe the headache.  

Stone of wealth

This stone could be your lucky charm that converts all bad luck into good luck. Since this stone attracts positive vibes and cleanses the aura of negativity, you will find success and prosperity coming into your life. Your flow of thought will become positive and practical, always thinking towards progress and growth in life.

Boosts self-confidence

So you want to achieve new heights in your professional career but do not know where to start from. Moreover, people around you are weighing you down by their discouraging thoughts. You have great ideas, but you are doubtful to execute them, in fear of failure. This stone again comes to your aid by boosting your self-confidence and giving you the zeal to move ahead. You can make your dreams a reality using this guiding stone.

Love and relationships

The Black Obsidian will sweep off all negativity from your relationships and help you renew broken ties as well as establish new relationships. This stone is also known to heal the ancestral line and channelize power in its rightful direction. Some relationships suffer due to past life karmas, others due to misunderstanding in the present day. This healing stone clears all negativity and enforces relationships that are healthy and trusted.So we see that the Black Obsidian is a powerful stone that can remove all negative vibes from your life.  

And if you are still in doubt...Well, do you know which stone used to kill the white walkers in the famous Game of Thrones TV show?It’s the Black Obsidian!


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