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Healing Properties of Blue Celestite Crystal

As the name suggests, the Celestite crystal has the power to connect you to your celestial realm where you can discover your inner self. We all have our roots to the world beyond, and this stone could well be your means of communication to the heavenly abode. This sky-blue crystal has amazing properties to guide you on your path of finding the inner truth and attaining ultimate serenity.

Appearance, Origin, and Description



Zodiac signs- Gemini, Libra    

Caution-A delicate and fragile stone. Do not keep in sunlight, subject to fading.

The northern-western coasts of Madagascarare famous for yield huge geodes of mesmerizing forms of Celestite. Deposits are also found in Egypt, Libya, Peru, Britain, and Poland. This pale-blue colored crystal was first mistakenly discovered by a cattle-herder near the Madagascar seacoast. Mining is being done ever since.

Celestite is composed up of strontium sulphate and is also available in red, yellow and white. However, if you are looking for a Celestite crystal for greater spiritual attainment, pale blue should be your pick.

Properties of Blue Celestite

People in the ancient times strongly believed that this blue crystal is your staircase to your metaphysical self, and these crystals were actually pieces of the sky that had fallen to the ground.

How interesting!

Let’s explore some amazing properties of the Celestite crystal.Connection with the Metaphysical form

Are you looking for calmness and tranquility in your life? Do you want to contact your guardian angels for seeking guidance and protection?

Celestite crystal may just be the answer to your woes.

This is a crystal with angelic prowess that has the capacity to access your inner-self and communicate with your metaphysical form to understand the purpose of your being.

Do you know that your guardian angels are watching over you from the world above? It’s just that our subconscious mind is not strong enough to be aware of it. This ‘stone of angels’ will summon your guardian angels, thus, giving you a sense of comfort that you are being protected by your loved ones from the heavenly abode. You will thus, feel more secure and connected with your metaphysical form.

Evokes the eighth chakra

Celestite has the ability to evoke the soul star chakra or the 8thchakra of the human body.

Yes, isn’t that delightful!!

This chakra is the pathway to a divine wisdom that aids in attaining spiritual harmony and enlightenment. It not only enhances your intuition ability, but it will also boost your psychic hearing.  This will give you the power to hear the voice of your spirit, thereby guiding you along the path of self-discovery. For those who practice meditation, you will definitely extract much more from your meditative prayer sessions.

What are the other benefits of evoking the soul chakra?

The soul chakra is the gateway through which infinite positive energy enters into the body. When a person’s body is full of positive vibes, all his negativity gets expelled, as his physical self understands the importance of ‘letting go’. Letting go of hatred, sadness, and all negative energies in the body. The result is a happier person with a healthy body.

Awareness of past life

We often wonder about the roots of our existence and who we were in our past life. The celestite crystal makes you aware of your past life experiences. In the normal course, humans basically suffer from amnesia about their previous life. The Celestite crystal seamlessly transcends the journey from the conscious mind to the sub-conscious mind and reveals facts about your past life.

This could be the key to solving important dilemmas and getting answers to some unanswered questions of the present life.

Blue Celestite increases the mental ability

As we discussed before, using the celestite crystal can remove all negativity and instill positive energy into the body and mind. This will thereby boost the mental capacity and increase the sharpness of the mind. And you will be surprised how your decision-making powers experience a surge and you attain the ability of clear and precise thinking. Tangles in the mind will get cleared sooner and you will attract positive and like-minded people around you

Calming and soothing properties

A busy and hectic day requires a silent environment where you can wind up peacefully at the end of the day.

But do we really get such a peaceful place in or hustling lives? The celestite crystal will provide just that.

We all have the power to choose our flow of thoughts. It’s just that we are not aware of the process. A celestite crystal placed in your room will generate tranquility and calmness and offer you peace of mind. The crystal presence beautifully heals the mind and puts anxious thoughts on rest.

Celestite A healing crystal

If you have children who are afraid of the dark, keeping a celestite crystal in their room will be helpful. The Celestite crystal instills a feeling of protection and calmness in the body and helps in overcoming the feeling of paranoia.

No wonder this crystal finds its place in therapy rooms and healing centers.

Industrial uses

The strontium content in the crystal makes it combustible and hence it is used in making fireworks. Celestite also finds its use in the pharma and chemical industries.

Where to place the Blue Celestite crystal ?

Celestite shows exemplary powers when used as a concentration center for meditation and prayers. It is known to bring peace and harmony in an unpleasant family environment or chaotic office space.

Also, you can keep it in your room so that you can soak and constantly benefit from the energy that the crystal radiates. Some people like to wear it as a piece of jewelry so that it that energy stays with them all the time.

So what are you waiting for…

The celestial is an ethereal crystal that instills your body with positive vibrations. It helps you in establishing communication with the celestial world and makes you aware of your spiritual self. Embrace this crystal to carve the path for a peaceful, serene, and a happy life journey.

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