Himalayan Salt Lamp.

July 01, 2016

Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Salt lamp


What is a salt Lamp?

Salt Lamp is a block of salt fixed on wooden base with bulb inside. Artisans carve different shapes with hand like Angle Salt Lamp, Globe Salt Lamp, pyramid salt lamp and raw shape salt lamp.

Where these Himalayan Salt Lamps comes from?

As name suggest Himalayan Salt lamps are made with the salt extracted from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

How many colors are available in Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are produced in two colors Pink and White. People who like to have more different lights in salt lamp usually buy white salt lamp and use different color bulbs like red, pink, green etc which are easily available in local hardware and electronic stores.

Which Size of Salt Lamp should you buy?

Because of salt lamp health benefits it is recommended to buy it according to the room size. For office cubicle or office desk a 7 inch salt lamp is a good size. For bedrooms a bucket of salt or at least 8 inch salt lamp is good. For living halls the recommended size is more than 10 inch.

What type of wire is recommended with Salt Lamps?

There are two type of wires been sold with salt lamps one with a dimmer switch and the other with on/off switch only. In realty it doesn’t matter as dimming the light of salt lamp reduce the effect of salt lamp. More light more benefits. So instead of dimming the light it is better to just turn it off.

What are the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are being sold around the world from decades and millions being produced every year and growing. The huge popularity of this product is because of its natural health benefits.

The most important benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamp is the generation of –ve ions. When heated salt lamps emits –ve ions in the air which neutralize the air by the harmful ions being emitted by the electronics such as TV, computers etc.

Salt lamps are also believed to be effective in soothing the atmosphere especially in winters when we have short days and less sun. That’s the reason sales of salt lamps sky rocket in winters. The light calms your nerves and stabilizes your mood.

Purifying the air is also a great benefit of Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps. When hot the salt absorbs water molecules in air containing dirt and pollen thus naturally purify the air. So it is recommended to be place in bedrooms of those have asthmas, breathing issues or allergy. 

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