Pyrite Stone


The Pyrite crystal has an attractive midday sun luster and a shiny brass-like tone. Its metallic hue sometimes makes people mistake it for a gold; hence it has earned the name fool’s gold. This stone is known for its healing prowess and is often found adorning the mantelpieces and tables of offices and homes.

The Pyrite stone is Iron sulfide and the word Pyrite is derived from the Greek word ‘in fire’. This iron sulfide is the most common form of sulfide and is found with the sulfide and oxide deposits in metamorphic and sedimentary rock beds all over the world. 

The mineral finds its use in the jewelry industry, paper manufacturing, development of low-cost solar panels, and also the chemical industry.

Pyrite healing properties

Generates energy and self-confidence:  Are you feeling low or incomplete in life? This stone has powers to energize and revitalize people who feel inadequate or suffer from low self-esteem. The vibes and energies that this stone emits has a positive effect on the person and rejuvenates the mind and body. 

 People are installed with positive energies that instill confidence to make important decisions and complete tasks wisely. You will start getting new ideas as this Fool’s Gold strengthens the will power of a person and provides the ability of rational thinking. You will feel energized to conduct new tasks, complete pending ventures and meet challenges head-on in life. Pyrite stones that have a yellow or a golden hue are known to promote masculine energy.

Overcomes bad habits and improves the overall health: Pyrite can be the guiding stone for people who want to overcome bad habits and improve the quality of their life. This crystal will help you identify and untangle the blocks in your subconscious mind that could be the reason behind the addiction. Since this stone has the ability to boost one’s self-confidence, you will be able to tackle your problems and conquer all cravings.

 In the presence of the Pyrite stone, your health will experience vast improvement and you will slowly find all your ailments leaving your body. The vibes help in healing and strengthening the lungs and are especially beneficial for people suffering from respiratory and bronchial problems.

 Maintains balance in relationships:  As we discussed, the golden tinge in this attractive stone emits masculine energy. This stone can hence be very useful in balancing the male and female energies and maintain the proportion of life-energy. A perfect balance in relationships strengthens bonds and maintains harmony.

Symbol of wealth and prosperity: The stone is supposed to fetch you good luck and bring prosperity and success into your life. This divine stone will guide you towards your dreams and instill the strength to chase your aspirations and achieve success. 

To attract wealth, sit quietly in the presence of the stone in a clean and calm environment. Convey your desires of attaining prosperity to the stone. You are sending your message to the universe through the stone, so it should be clearly defined. Visualize and manifest the quality of life and outcomes that you want vividly and clearly express your aspirations and wants. Express your desires with every breath that you exhale and make this a daily ritual so that the vibes reach the universe loud and clear.

 Generates positivity: The grid system inside the Pyrite crystal works in sync to generate positive vibes and directly impacts the brain. The vibes start their work by clearing the mind to eradicate all negative energies that act as roadblocks to positive thinking. Once your mind is free of negativity, positive energies will start free-flowing into the mind and body. This will generate confidence, positivity, and promote feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

 Healing properties: The strength of the stone can be multiplied by using many stones which work together in harmony to develop stronger energies. Stones like Citrine, Jade and Clear Quartz complement the crystal Pyrite and the synergies produced by the combination of these stones produce extremely vibrant and powerful vibrations.

The vibes that radiate from the crystal work on the scientific principles of geometry. These energies refresh and cleanse the internal system and instill positive vibes that heal the mind and body. In a quiet atmosphere place the stones on a clean white cloth and light a candle nearby. Start meditating by concentrating on purifying all the negativity from your life. The healing properties of Pyrite guide you to the path of inner wisdom and aid you towards the purification of the inner soul. All your life problems of the mind and body will start healing.

Connect to the root chakra: The energies of the Pyrite crystal vibrate strongly within the root chakra and the Earth Star Chakra. The strong solar energy impacts the will or the solar plexus. These vibes help in strengthening the will power which helps in making better decisions and overcoming bad vices.

 The stone also stimulates grounding action within individuals and helps you stay balanced while attaining success and prosperity.

Induces sound sleep: People who suffer from nightmares or experience sleep disturbances should keep this stone near them while sleeping. This stone will induce calmness and a sound sleep pattern within individuals. The regular use of this stone will also combat sleep troubles like snoring.

Conclusion: The Pyrite stone is often seen in pieces of jewelry like pendants, bracelets, bangles and more. People also keep this stone in their apparel pockets so that it is close to the solar plexus to give maximum benefits. Whether you are a male or a female, wearing this stone as an attractive trinket or keeping it in your pocket will enhance your decisiveness and assertive powers. Using or wearing this stone will result in positive vibes, reduces fatigue, clear thinking and focus. The result will be an overall increase in productivity and positivity in life.

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