Crystal Mystery Box

Our Crystal Mystery Boxes are filled with intuitively picked assortment of Crystals and Gemstones .

You select the size of the box you wish to purchase and we will create the box based on the value you paid.

Please note that bigger crystals are only included in higher priced box. Please also note that we do not accept any custom requests for these mystery boxes.The above pictures is just an example of what you may receive. Each box is unique, making it a mystery!

We pack all the mystery boxes intuitively for each customer so please don’t ask which stones you will get as it will ruin the surprise.

Our Mystery Boxes may contain following stones

* Amethyst
* Clear Quartz
* Citrine
* Rose Quartz
* Orange Calcite
* Selenite
* Calcite
* Lapis Lazuli
* Rhodonite
* Aventurine
* Blood Stone
* Black Tourmaline
* Zebra jasper
* Picasso Jasper
* Kyanite
* Black Obsidian

and many many more.

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