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Spark your inner strength with our energizing combo of Raw Citrine Cluster and Black Obsidian Crystal Set. This dynamic duo has been chosen to help you attract success while keeping you firmly rooted and safe. These unpolished beauties are both visually striking and energetically balanced - a great pick for those keen on boosting their personal might and spiritual safety.

What does our Raw Citrine Cluster & Black Obsidian Crystal Set bring to you?

Raw Citrine Cluster - This eye-catching stone, also known as the "success stone," embodies the spiritual elements of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. With its sunny energy, this raw Citrine cluster kindles creativity, promotes clear thinking, and is your go-to crystal for turning dreams into reality and spreading positivity in your life.

Raw Black Obsidian - This crystal, renowned for its safeguarding qualities, is a force to reckon with when it comes to grounding. It helps in building a shield against negative energy and aids in unearthing truths and fostering self-realization. If you're looking for a companion to let go of negativity and stress while promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth, Black Obsidian is your crystal.

Together, the Raw Citrine Cluster and Black Obsidian strike the perfect balance of light and dark, combining the wealth-attracting energy of Citrine with the grounding protection of Black Obsidian. You'll feel the bright, uplifting energy of Citrine drawing in success and abundance while the potent, earthy vibe of Black Obsidian provides an unshakeable protective barrier and emotional strength.

Packaged with care in a charming cotton pouch, this set arrives safe and sound. Each crystal in the set retains its natural, raw state, showing off their inherent beauty. The Raw Citrine Cluster & Black Obsidian Crystal Set is not just a brilliant addition to your crystal repertoire, but also a powerful tool for achieving dreams and ensuring protection.

Experience the metamorphic power of this unique crystal pair. Welcome a life filled with prosperity and protection with the Raw Citrine Cluster & Black Obsidian Crystal Set. Grab yours today and start harnessing the energy of wealth and spiritual defence.

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