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  • Best Quality Himalayan Salt Lamp. Comes with a bulb and a wire with on off switch.
  • Size: 7 Inch Aprox
  • Weight: 2 to 3 KG

Salt used in Salt Lamps comes from the mountain regions of Himalaya. Salt lamps are bought in millions every year due to its health benefits and also because of its stunning light. Some people believed in its health benefits and other just buy it as a gorgeous home décor piece.

It is believed that the salt lamp trap the smoke, dirt and pollen particles from air carried in water vapors.  The size of the lamp and the light inside it greatly affects this process. Bigger the lamp and bulb would be hotter the salt and it will attract as much air particles it could and clean the air.

Because of its air-cleaning feature it is recommend keeping one in a room or office by those who have asthma issues.  

Salt rock lamps are also known as natural negative ions generator.  What that means is that when salt got hotter it emits negative ions in atmosphere and thus neutralize the atmosphere. 

So why it is important to neutralize electromagnetic radiations? We live in a world of technology, computers, tablets, TV and cell phones around us all the time. These devices emit positive ions that cause stress, fatigue and depression. 

Since it is very difficult to live without these devices these days so we should add a salt lamp in the room according to the room size. For cubicles a 7 to 8 inch lamp is enough but for living room or offices the lamp size should be at least 10 inch.

Due to the high demand for natural Himalayan salt lamps and because of its huge level of production the prices of salt lamp are just fractions then what they used to be a decade ago. So it’s a good time to buy one and clarify your surroundings and live a health life.

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