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Aragonite palm stones are a type of gemstone that have a smooth and polished surface, making them perfect for holding in the palm of your hand. These stones are known for their unique and stunning patterns, which can range from white and gray to shades of orange, brown, and red.

Size : 5 cm
This listing is for one brown aragonite palm.
This listing is for one palm stone.

Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral that is found in many parts of the world, including Mexico, Spain, and the United States. It is formed in the ocean and in caves, and is often associated with shells, corals, and other marine life.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, aragonite palm stones are believed to have a number of beneficial properties. They are said to help relieve stress and anxiety, promote emotional healing, and enhance spiritual awareness. Aragonite is also thought to have a grounding effect, helping to bring a sense of stability and balance to the body and mind.

Aragonite palm stones can be used in a variety of ways. They can be carried with you throughout the day, placed on your desk or bedside table, or used in meditation. Holding an aragonite palm stone in your hand can help to promote a sense of calm and tranquility, and can be especially helpful during times of stress or anxiety.

If you are interested in adding aragonite palm stones to your crystal collection, there are many online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores that offer them. When choosing a stone, be sure to select one that speaks to you and feels right for your needs. With regular use and proper care, you can enjoy the many benefits that these powerful gemstones have to offer.

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