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Introducing our enchanting Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramids, a beautiful addition to your healing crystal collection or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Each pyramid is expertly handcrafted to showcase the soft pink hue and gentle energy that Rose Quartz is known for.

Rose Quartz, often referred to as the "Stone of Unconditional Love," is celebrated for its ability to open the heart chakra, encourage self-love, and attract love and harmony in relationships. Its calming energy promotes emotional balance, forgiveness, and inner peace.

Our Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramids come in four distinct sizes to suit your preferences:

  1. Small: 4 cm in height, weighing approximately 110 grams
  2. Medium: 5 cm in height, weighing approximately 150 grams
  3. Large: 6 cm in height, weighing approximately 250 grams
  4. X-Large: 7 cm in height, weighing approximately 320 grams

The pyramid shape is known for its ability to harness and amplify energy, making these Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramids ideal for meditation, energy healing, or as an elegant decorative piece in your home or office. Choose the size that resonates with you and welcome the loving energy of Rose Quartz into your life.

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