Selenite Lamp Large 8 - 10 Inch

* Stunning Handmade Piece.
* Height:  8 - 10  inch
* Include: Bulb and Wire with Dimmer switch to adjust brightness as per your liking. 

Selenite Crystal Lamp is made with a block of selenite crystal cut and shaped by the skilled artisans.

A bulb is placed inside the lamp with on/off switch for convenience. So you have a table lamp that can be used as a night-light and a crystal full of healing benefits on your side all day and all night.

This selenite crystal Lamp comes with a standard yellow light bulb which light up the crystal nicely and the light is amazing and truly out of this world. You can add different color bulbs in it that are easily available in any hardware stores.

Selenite comes from the Greek language meaning Moon Glow. Among many healing benefits of selenite like mental clarity. It gives mental flexibility and makes it easier for the owner to make difficult decisions. For that reason most of the successful people do keep one of the Selenite Crystal Lamp in their office or workplace. They believe that in the presence of Selenite Lamp it is easier for them to make tough business decisions.

Selenite is also a crystal of truth and honesty and that the reason many of our Selenite Lamps are bought to place in the meeting rooms and places where people do business to show to their clients about there good and truthful business practices.

There are many different sizes available in Selenite Crystal Lamp checkout the Gemstone Collection for the complete catalogue.

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