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Discover the beauty and healing power of our Rhodonite Crystal Towers, carefully handcrafted to exhibit the captivating pink hue and black manganese oxide inclusions that make each piece unique. These elegant towers are a stunning addition to any healing crystal collection or make a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Rhodonite, known as the "Stone of Love and Balance," fosters emotional healing, compassion, forgiveness, and self-love. Its gentle energy supports healthy relationships and promotes overall emotional well-being.

Our Rhodonite Crystal Towers are available in six sizes to cater to your preferences:

  1. XS: 35 to 50 mm in height, weighing approximately 50 - 100 grams
  2. Small: 60 to 70 mm in height, weighing approximately 100 - 150 grams
  3. Medium: 70 to 80 mm in height, weighing approximately 150 - 200 grams
  4. Large: 80 to 90 mm in height, weighing approximately 200 - 250 grams
  5. X-Large: 90 to 110 mm in height, weighing approximately 250 - 300 grams
  6. XX-Large: 110 to 150 mm in height, weighing approximately 300 - 400 grams

The tower shape of these Rhodonite crystals helps to amplify and focus energy, making them perfect for meditation, energy healing, or as a striking centerpiece in your home or workspace. Choose the size that resonates with your needs and bring the soothing energy of Rhodonite into your life today.

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