Aphrodite: (Romance)

Blazing up with the warmth of sentiment, this collection of rocks is created to stir up the intimacy in your life. Named after the Greek Goddess of adoration, Aphrodite, these stones have the capability to make you fall for your beloved over and over again. Send this little box as a token of thankfulness to your significant other to indicate how intensely you adore them, and lighten up their day.

This Gift box Contains:

Clear Quartz:
Clear Quartz crystal  is good for general healing al together . It is wonderful for amplifying energy and thought.

Rose Quartz: 
The ever popular Rose Quartz is not only beautiful it is incredibly healing as well. Its the stone of heart. One of the best crystals to begin your collection with. Rose Quartz is the stone of giving and receiving . The stone that help you to love yourself.

Moon Stone:
Moon Stone is a stone of new beginnings. It calms the emotions. It nurtures and protects new relationships.

Blue Kyanite:
Its really great for opening emotional blocks. Its works as a bridge between people. It bridges gaps in all communications efforts.

Garnet is a stone of commitment, love and devotion. It balance sex drive it brings courage, creativity abundance and awareness.


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