Natural Chrysanthemum Tower

The Chrysanthemum Stone, or “Flower Stone,” is a beautiful and unexpected gift from Mother Earth, a symbol of optimism and joy, named for its near perfect representation of this cheerful flower. The contrast of the white to silver-gray flowers against a solid black matrix makes this stone appealing as much for its aesthetic beauty as its ability to provide a calm, reflective energy that invites one to savor each moment before it has passed.

Mind: Joy, Living in the Moment, Loneliness, Ability to Leave Comfort Zone, Harmony, Stability, Trust

Body: Detoxification, Menstruation, Cystitis, Hormonal Balance, Fibroids, Fertility, Pregnancy, Physical Disabilities, Tumors

Spirit: Synchronicity, Luck/Good Fortune, Abundance, Manifestation, Living to Full Potential, Unexpected Opportunities, Clears Aura, Opens Meridians, Change/Transition, Communication with Angels/Spirit

Zodiac: Taurus, Aquarius

✦ D I M E N S I O N S ✦

Large Height: 70 mm aprox
Large Weight: 60 g aprox

Small Height: 50 mm aprox
Small Weight: 40 g aprox

✦ E N E R G Y ✦

Every crystal and mineral we sell is imbued with good intention and energy from the heavily forested and mountainous region in which it resides.

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