Malachite Owl Sculpture

Malachite Owl Sculptures hand-carved by the skilled artesian out of one solid piece. 

Origin: Africa
Size: 1 x 1.5 x 3 Inch
Weight: 0.37 Lb

Crystalline aggregate, druses, botryoidal structures and clusters of radiating fibrous crystals. Green in colour, often with carious shades of green and black band. Single prismatic crystals are rare. more common are malachite pseudomorphs of azurite, which produce a more tabby crystal. 

Malachite is good for physical balance, eyesight and detoxing at a cellular level. Good for the health of the pancreas, pituitary gland, blood, heart, spleen, teeth, and immune system. Eases birth and encourages restful sleep.

Malachite also bring calm and emotional balance. Good for dream interpretation and mediation. Helps depression and manic derpression.

Note: You will get exactly the same item as picture.

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