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While you might be tempted to overlook the relationship you have with yourself, it is arguably the most important relationship you will ever have!

Why? Because it sets the tone for all your other relationships - if you cannot show true love and compassion towards yourself, it is very difficult to show it towards another.

Not only this, but practicing self love helps to raise your vibration, making you more likely to manifest your dreams and your soulmate with the law of attraction.

This positive energy towards yourself is a magnet for good things!

Plus, if we’re being real, you’re the only person who spends each and every moment with yourself… so if you’re not being kind to yourself, this is a very difficult way to live.

Healing crystals are an amazing tool for cultivating self love for a number of reasons.

* Metaphysical properties: the properties of certain crystals work in harmony with our energies, helping to balance any blockages we may have and open up chakras
* Dedicating time to self: crystal healing in itself is an act of self love as we are dedicating time to our own growth and healing
* Heightened awareness of self: by spending time working with our subtle energies, we develop more self awareness and understand what it is we need to heal


This Gift box Contains:
Clear Quartz:
Clear Quartz crystal is good for general healing al together . It is wonderful for amplifying energy and thought.

Rose Quartz: 
The ever popular Rose Quartz is not only beautiful it is incredibly healing as well. Its the stone of heart. One of the best crystals to begin your collection with. Rose Quartz is the stone of giving and receiving . The stone that help you to love yourself.

Moon Stone:
Moon Stone is a stone of new beginnings. It calms the emotions. It nurtures and protects new relationships.

Blue Kyanite:
Its really great for opening emotional blocks. Its works as a bridge between people. It bridges gaps in all communications efforts.

Garnet is a stone of commitment, love and devotion. It brings courage, creativity abundance and awareness.