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Immerse yourself in the ancient world of crystal healing with our exclusive Amethyst Black Obsidian Crystal Healing Collection. Assembled with two of nature's most powerful stones, this set serves as both a unique spiritual instrument and a striking addition to your home.

Our stunning Amethyst Cluster, known for its deep spiritual resonance, acts as a sentinel for your soul. This magnificent stone, famed for its rich purple hues, helps in purifying your spirit, encouraging intuition, and fostering a tranquil environment. The cluster's smaller crystals reflect a kaleidoscope of light, infusing any room with a mystical ambiance.

Complementing the Amethyst is the Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror - your shield against negativity. This shiny, polished piece of Black Obsidian is an emblem of clarity and protection. Its reflective surface allows you to practice scrying, a revered method of divination that offers insights and guidance.

Measuring at 4 inches, the Obsidian Mirror is a statement piece, while the 2.5 to 3 inch Amethyst Cluster remains a subtle, yet powerful presence. Together or apart, these pieces imbue your space with an aura of spiritual energy and a dash of natural elegance. This set serves as a thoughtful gift for those drawn to the allure and power of crystals.

Venture into the vibrant world of crystals with Yellow Tree Co. We take pride in our curated collection of gemstones and crystals, each piece chosen and cleansed meticulously to guarantee the highest quality. Our crystals' natural beauty shines through, and any minor imperfections only add to their unique character.

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