Best Friend Gemstone Kit

Have you been feeling forlorn? Say no more! Our set of companionship wants to ensure some agreeable excitement in your lives. Send this set to every one of your amigos who has made your life worthwhile. Have them live their lives to the fullest with these valuable gems, and show them that you insanely adore them. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

This set Contains:


This gold color stone shields one from all kind of negative energies. It is a advised to keep it closer to ones self as it boost energy.

Optical Quartz:
Clear Quartz crystal is good for general healing al together . It is wonderful for amplifying energy and thought.

Merchants stone Citrine is a very happy generous stone. Citrine is sunshine in crystalline form. It can help draw in abundance and prosperity.

*** Citrine points are no longer available so we are including tumbled stones instead.

Rose Quartz:
The ever popular Rose Quartz is not only beautiful it is incredibly healing as well. Its the stone of heart. One of the best crystals to begin your collection with. Rose Quartz is the stone of giving and receiving . The stone that help you to love yourself.

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