Salt Lamp Bowl Of Fire.

Size: 6 Inch (height)
Weight: 5.0 to 8 lbs
Source: Himalayas (Pakistan)
Age of Mine: 500 Million Years Old

This beautiful bowl is made with pure Himalayan Salt Lamp. Raw chunks of salt is added to the bowl and when heated give beautiful light with added benefits.

Himalayan bowl salt lamp’s beauty will surely enhance the appearance of any room in your house. It could be placed in bedroom, living room , bathroom or could be use in spas for creating relaxed environment.

Bowl salt lamp is fitted with a bulb and a wire with on/off switch for convenience. Yellow color bulb is included in the package and other color bulbs can be fitted which are easily available in local markets.

Bowl Salt Lamp is well known for its health benefits it neutralizes the atmosphere by emitting negative ions hence reducing the harmful effects of positive ions generated by electronic devices like cell phones, TV, computers, tablets etc.

Himalayan Salt Lamp is also considered as an alternative treatment to asthma and other breathing problems. When heated the salt lamp absorbs liquid particles from air thus attracting dust and pollen along with it.

Bowl of Fire Himalayan Pink Salt rock Lamp is an amazing addition to your home or office. When turned on it gives off an amazing soft amber glow and creates a soothing atmosphere.



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