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Dive into the strength of your Cancer zodiac sign with our special Cancer Zodiac Crystal Healing Set. We've chosen six beautiful crystals - Carnelian, Red Jasper, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz - that go well with the Cancer sign and help balance your emotions. We also provide a Selenite charging plate (6.5"x1.25"x0.25") with a chakra symbol. This plate will clean and charge your crystals. The set comes with a comfy cotton pouch and a card that explains how each crystal works with the Cancer sign.

🦀 Carnelian - This bright stone boosts Cancer's inner strength and drive. It helps you face fears and welcome new opportunities. Carnelian also sparks passion and ambition.

🦀 Red Jasper - This calming and protective stone brings emotional peace and balance for those with the Cancer sign. It helps you stay strong and focused on your goals.

🦀 Moonstone - This stone is perfect for Cancer signs. It boosts intuition, helps control emotions, and links to the moon's energy. This calming stone is a must-have for those under the Cancer zodiac.

🦀 Amethyst - This powerful stone aids spiritual growth. It helps calm strong emotions and reduces stress. Amethyst brings peace and calmness.

🦀 Citrine - This bright stone brings joy and positive vibes. Citrine helps turn dreams into reality and boosts confidence.

🦀 Rose Quartz - Known as the stone of love, it matches Cancer's loving nature. It supports self-love and emotional healing. Rose Quartz strengthens bonds with loved ones.

🌕 Chakra Symbol Selenite Plate - This powerful plate (6.5"x1.25"x0.25") cleans and charges your crystals. It also boosts spiritual growth.

Each crystal set includes:

1 x Carnelian (about 1") 1 x Red Jasper (about 1") 1 x Moonstone (about 1") 1 x Amethyst (about 1") 1 x Citrine (about 1") 1 x Rose Quartz (about 1") 1 x Chakra Symbol Selenite Plate (6.5"x1.25"x0.25") 1 x Cotton pouch for easy storage and travel 1 x Card that explains how each crystal works with the Cancer sign

Step up your journey with this special Cancer Zodiac Crystal Healing Set. Order now and feel the power of these beautiful, natural crystals.


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