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Unearth the harmony and equilibrium inherent in the Cancer zodiac sign with our meticulously arranged Selenite Bowl Cancer Zodiac Deluxe Crystal Set. This carefully curated ensemble boasts six stunning crystals - Carnelian, Red Jasper, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz - each chosen for their strong synergy with the innate traits of Cancer, aiming to calibrate their emotional equilibrium. To enhance their restorative potential, we've incorporated a sophisticated Selenite bowl for cleansing and revitalizing your crystals. The set is completed with a plush cotton pouch and an insightful card delineating each crystal's properties in alignment with the Cancer sign.

🦀 Carnelian - This vibrant gem bolsters Cancer's inner resilience, ingenuity, and drive, assisting them in overcoming apprehensions and welcoming fresh opportunities. Carnelian bolsters self-confidence and persistence, kindling their determination and aspiration.

🦀 Red Jasper - A harmonizing and protective crystal, Red Jasper tends to Cancer's emotional wellbeing and encourages internal tranquility. It propels endurance and self-discipline, empowering them to face challenges and stay dedicated to their goals.

🦀 Moonstone - The quintessential Cancer gem, Moonstone heightens their intuitive prowess, emotional receptivity, and lunar energy affinity. Its soothing vibrations provide solace and emotional steadiness, making it indispensable for this water sign.

🦀 Amethyst - This profoundly spiritual stone encourages meditation and spiritual progress for those under the Cancer sign. Amethyst's calming attributes work to moderate intense emotions and alleviate stress, fostering tranquility and inner harmony.

🦀 Citrine - This radiant crystal of prosperity and joy infuses Cancer's existence with optimism and enthusiasm. Citrine facilitates the realization of ambitions and dreams, while its invigorating energies enhance self-assuredness and authentic self-expression.

🦀 Rose Quartz - Known as the stone of boundless love, Rose Quartz resonates with Cancer's empathetic and nurturing nature. This gentle crystal promotes self-love, emotional healing, and empathy, enriching bonds with dear ones.

🌕 Selenite Bowl - This refined Selenite bowl acts as an effective cleansing and recharging station for your crystals, optimizing their healing properties. Selenite's high-frequency energy also promotes spiritual development and connection.

Each deluxe crystal set comprises:

1 x Carnelian (approx. 1")
1 x Red Jasper (approx. 1")
1 x Moonstone (approx. 1")
1 x Amethyst (approx. 1")
1 x Citrine (approx. 1")
1 x Rose Quartz (approx. 1")
1 x Selenite Bowl for cleansing and charging 1 Cotton pouch for secure storage and mobility 1 Informative card elucidating the properties of each crystal in relation to the Cancer zodiac sign

Enhance your spiritual journey with this Selenite Bowl Cancer Zodiac Deluxe Crystal Set. Order today and embrace the transformative aura of these gorgeous, natural crystals.

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