Crystal Set For Teenagers

Teenage is a very delicate phase in every person’s life.
Most of us have gone through this phase and we know how difficult it becomes for teenagers to adjust to everything that goes on around them.
For starters, children are very restless and tend to have a jumping mindset which makes them unable to concentrate on a particular task.
Teenagers are often angry and ungrounded and do not have the correct mindset which makes them revolt against their parent's decision.
Crystals can prove to be very effective in healing these children because crystals have properties that can specifically target emotions like over anxiety, stress, anger, etc.
These stones can help to offer a direction to a teenager’s life and help them have a stable mindset.

This set includes:
AVENTURINE: Soothing, Confidence, Wisdom
CITRINE : Optimism, Focus, Inspiration
MOONSTONE : Mental Clarity, Enthusiasm
SMOKY QUARTZ : Lifts depression, Grounding, Balancing
CARNELIAN : Confidence, Creativity, Courage
LEPIDOLITE: Sleepaid, Understanding, Anxiety relief

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