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Introducing the Green Aventurine Point, a remarkable crystal that soothes the heart, harmonizes emotions, and attracts luck, abundance, and success. Renowned for its calming energy, Green Aventurine is the ideal crystal to work with when addressing unresolved emotional issues or seeking personal growth.

Weights and Sizes:

  • X-Large: 350 to 500 g
  • Large: 300 to 350 g
  • Medium: 250 to 300 g
  • Small: 150 to 250 g

Please note that you will receive a random piece from the lot, as shown in the pictures.

The Green Aventurine Point is an excellent choice when working with the Heart Chakra and the Water Element. This "stone of good luck" is often incorporated in rituals with green candles or placed in cash boxes or drawers to invite prosperity and financial abundance.

With its soothing energy, Green Aventurine is perfect for addressing unresolved emotional issues and promoting emotional healing. It can also be used for gridding your home or workspace, creating a harmonious and positive environment.

As a "stone of personal growth," Green Aventurine encourages self-discovery, providing opportunities to learn about oneself and one's place in the universe.

Physically, Green Aventurine offers all-around healing properties, benefiting the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Utilize this crystal to release negativity and energy blockages, including physical ailments. Some people wear or carry Green Aventurine to enhance intelligence, perception, and creativity, while others use it to improve their eyesight.

Incorporate the Green Aventurine Point into your crystal collection to experience its calming energy, attract good fortune, and promote personal growth. With its versatile properties and striking appearance, this crystal is an essential addition for anyone seeking emotional balance and prosperity.

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