Selenite Crystal Set

Cleanse & Protect any object, space or your own energy with this Natural Crystal Protection Kit!

Selenite can be used to intentionally clear your mind of confusion and negativity or to cleanse an object or space.

Black Tourmaline is known to form a protective barrier by cleansing and purifying the atmosphere through absorbing & grounding negative energies. Use in combination with Selenite to cleanse the negative energies absorbed by the Black Tourmaline.

This set includes:
4’ Selenite Tower
2’ Selenite Charging Plate
8’ Selenite Stick.
1 free crystal.Tourmaline in Matrix.

Also referred to as "liquid light" among crystal connoisseurs, selenite is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. It's actually one of the few crystals believed to be able to cleanse other crystals and is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, thus associating it with lunar cycles and the divine feminine.

So, whether you want to cleanse your home, clear your mind, or just reset after a long day, selenite may give you the boost you need. Just be careful you don't get it wet or handle it too roughly, Hanekamp says — as all-purpose as selenite may be, it's actually pretty fragile and prone to flaking off if you don't take care of it.

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