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Selenite massage wand will amplify the purification in air, uplifting and enlightening our spirits. Selenite embodies several pulsating and healing characteristics allowing the crown Chakra to open up.

Size: 6 inch

Selenite massage wand balances the Chakras, along with its calming qualities enhancing the most vital healing remedies for the body. Roll massage wand gently on your body to remove the stressful energy and replace it with the positive white light entering your soul. Selenite's silky Crystal lend will subdue you into unity and higher self divinity. Start rolling immediately as this wand needs no charging at all. Feel enlightened when you meditate with the wand.

Selenite emits a very high angelic vibration that is remarkably refined, allowing easy access to highly charged spiritual energy. This is an excellent stone for Light Workers, as it opens the Crown Chakra while holding the space for safe spiritual transmissions. It creates an aura of protection, immerses the environment in white light, recharges other crystals around it and opens the mind to new ideas. It can help you explore past lives, or improve your understanding of this one.

Origin: Morocco

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