Stress And Anxiety Crystal Set

This box of gems ensures that you go to bed in a contended state of mind. Send this to somebody who needs to cheer up, and change the course of their lives. Feeling discouraged? We have you covered. These stones will guarantee that sadness is discovered no place close you. So sweetheart, wipe away those tears and begin the ACTION!


This Gift box Contains:

Amethyst magnifies the energies of other crystals. Its good for overall protection, physical, emotional and mental balance. It heals the causes of disease . Aids detoxing and blood cleansing.

Optical Calcite:
 Optical Calcite is good for general healing al together . It is wonderful for amplifying energy and thought.

Rose Quartz: 
The ever popular Rose Quartz is not only beautiful it is incredibly healing as well. Its the stone of heart. One of the best crystals to begin your collection with. Rose Quartz is the stone of giving and receiving . The stone that help you to love yourself.

Moon Stone:
 Moon Stone is a stone of new beginnings. It calms the emotions. It nurtures and protects new relationships.

Angelite: Angelite beautifully connects you to the Angelic Realm through tranquil and calming means. It can unblock energy pathways and helps you speak the truth when it is difficult to do so. Angelite enhances

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