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Discover the healing and balancing power of the Cancer zodiac sign with our Zodiac Selenite Charging Plate Cancer Crystal Bundle. This carefully curated collection includes six extraordinary crystals - Carnelian, Red Jasper, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz - chosen to harmonize with Cancer's innate characteristics and support emotional stability. To magnify their restorative qualities, we've added an exquisite Selenite charging plate engraved with zodiac symbols for cleansing and energizing your crystals. This set is complete with a comfortable cotton pouch and an in-depth card detailing the properties of each crystal in connection to the Cancer sign.

🦀 Carnelian - This vibrant stone bolsters Cancer's inner bravery, resourcefulness, and determination, helping them vanquish fears and seize new opportunities. Carnelian nurtures self-assurance and perseverance, sparking their enthusiasm and ambition.

🦀 Red Jasper - A grounding and shielding crystal, Red Jasper promotes Cancer's emotional health and fosters inner calm. It inspires resilience and self-mastery, empowering them to confront challenges and maintain focus on their goals.

🦀 Moonstone - The archetypal Cancer stone, Moonstone enhances their intuitive capacities, emotional openness, and affinity for lunar energies. Its calming energies provide solace and emotional balance, making it essential for this water sign.

🦀 Amethyst - This deeply spiritual gem supports meditation and spiritual evolution for Cancer individuals. Amethyst's soothing properties help to temper strong emotions and dispel stress, nurturing serenity and inner tranquility.

🦀 Citrine - This radiant crystal of abundance and happiness fills Cancer's life with positivity and fervor. Citrine aids in manifesting goals and dreams, while its invigorating vibrations encourage self-confidence and authentic self-expression.

🦀 Rose Quartz - Recognized as the stone of boundless love, Rose Quartz harmonizes with Cancer's caring and nurturing essence. This tender crystal cultivates self-love, emotional healing, and empathy, deepening connections with loved ones.

🌕 Zodiac Selenite Charging Plate - This elegant Selenite charging plate (6.5"x1.25"x0.25") engraved with zodiac symbols keeps your crystals energetically cleansed and charged, amplifying their healing properties. Selenite's high vibrational energy also promotes spiritual growth and connection.

Each crystal set includes:

  • 1 x Carnelian (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Red Jasper (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Moonstone (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Amethyst (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Citrine (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Rose Quartz (approx. 1")
  • 1 x Zodiac Selenite Charging Plate (6.5"x1.25"x0.25")
  • 1 x Cotton pouch for safekeeping and transport
  • 1 x Informative card detailing the properties of each crystal in relation to Cancer zodiac sign

Enhance your spiritual journey with this Zodiac Selenite Charging Plate Cancer Crystal Bundle. Order now and experience the transformational power of these stunning, n

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